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Sophia by Brydie Mack for NOE

Sophia by Brydie Mack for NOE

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Hatsumi’s Laundry


Hatsumi’s Laundry

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Textured Cities: A New Photo Series

Textured Cities is an extensive, ongoing photo documentary chronicling the unique people, places, and things that populate cities across the globe. I’m looking forward to building this series and excited about the new book.

I’m definitely a city person and as much as I like to travel, it’s great to connect with so many great people and places here in NYC. If you’re in the city you might see me biking around taking pics this spring. Be sure to say hey if you do.


See the entire spread HERE

Get the book HERE

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Says the wife to the house,
we are not together. You have no heart
at all, no percussive blunder to ruin you.
Your rooms are cool and languid,
your doors open and close,
even the knives are stacked like kindling.
You give back everything you take.
The cacti peer from their clay pots
like waterless periscopes.
Nothing in me is where it belongs

Chelsea Wagenaar


I wish all spiders looked like Andrew Garfield.

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